Everything you need to know to photograph family sessions with ease and confidence. From a go-to posing system, to creating natural connection, to confidence with your camera skills in any lighting situation, so that you can attract high end clients, make more money and scale your business to the luxury market.

Just imagine booking 
4-figure luxury family 
sessions on repeat

Hey Family PHotographer!

Just imagine what your business (and your life) would be like...

Wouldn't it be nice to go into your sessions knowing you will get a full gallery of incredible images every time? Feeling confident in your location and lighting situation even if it's somewhere you've never shot before? Being sure you can wrangle the kids and get dad on board even if they don't want to cooperate? Loving that you are creating life long relationships with your dream clients who are willing to buy artwork from you and come back year after year? Knowing you are getting paid what you are worth?

You had a step by step approach to averaging 4-figure sales at every session?

Overwhelmed and stressed at sessions drawing a blank on how to pose your clients so that they look natural

Unsure how to create natural, candid, carefree moments
and connection

Like you want to create a client experience that keeps your favorite clients coming back year after year but you don't know how

Frustrated about how to find unique locations and the best light for your family sessions

It took me years to figure out how to find the best locations, uncover my signature style, find the best light, help my clients relax and enjoy the session, and create a sustainable, profitable business that I love.

I get it, you are probably feeling...

Being a family photographer is tough.

let's be honest, though

"I can wholeheartedly say, working with Jenny was hands down the best investment I have made in my business. I feel like my business has had the most amazing boost and I'm far better positioned for success than I would ever be after years on my own.  If you are even thinking about whether or not this investment is worth it, I am telling you it's 100% worth every penny - I would invest in Jenny over and over again because I'm learning from the very best!

"The best investment I have made in my business!"

Enjoy shooting stress-free family sessions

create a portfolio that attracts high end clients

get repeat clients who LOVE To come back and refer you

raise your prices AND BE MORE PROFITABLE

So you can:

Imagine going to family sessions with confidence

change is possible

xo, jenny

I've been where you are.

When I started my photography business I would have given anything to have a coach by my side who had the experience and know how to show me what to do. To walk me through how to create an incredible client experience, how to be profitable, shoot incredible images, and how to build the business of my dreams. I spent many sleepless nights trying to figure it out all on my own. I put in the hard work, found the right mentors, created systems to grow and simplify my business and it worked! Now I've made it my passion to share all of what I have learned over the past 18 years about running a highly profitable family photography studio with others. I can't wait to help you reach your goals!

I'm Jenny and I can't wait to help you create the family photography business of your dreams!

hey friend!

A course for determined and creative family photographers who want a rock solid road map for confidently shooting families and growing their dream business with high end clients who are ready and willing to buy art work from you. 

The Confident Family Photographer

Here's What You Will Learn Inside
The Confident Family Photographer: 

all the good stuff

Secrets of how to build trust and confidence so that your client feels comfortable for the session

How to educate your client, get to know them and create connection right from the start

Scouting tips and tools to help you find the best locations and light 

How to easily style wardrobe with a 5-step wardrobe planning method

Successful sessions start with properly preparing your clients. By getting to know your clients you can ease their concerns, help plan wardrobe, and find perfect locations for their family.

Plan for Success

module one

The magic of backlight - create flattering images with depth, dimension and emotion

How to shoot in any kind of light at any time of day: Full sun, shade, overcast and backlight

Tips for buttery light filled images and even skin tones

Learn how to shoot families with wide open low apertures to create dreamy bokeh backgrounds

Mastering light is crucial for every photographer. Confidence shooting in any lighting situation and knowing how to use light to create the most flattering images of your subjects will attract high end clients who love the quality of your work and want to purchase artwork.

Loving the Light

module two

How to deal with difficult situations and use rewards effectively

Over 20 go-to prompts and games to create connection and make it fun for everyone

Use a flow posing system to shoot a full family session in 30 minutes 

Posing basics including the rules of composition, the six most important body parts, and the posing triangle

With a tried and true posing system you will go to each and every session with confidence and excitement. Knowing you can pose your clients with ease and guide them with simple prompts to connect naturally with make your sessions consistent, quick and successful.

Pose Like a Pro

module three

Step up to higher sales by offering printed artwork to your clients

Creating an incredible luxury experience for your clients by serving their needs

Portfolio review to help you curate a portfolio that represents your authentic photographic style

How to create an irresistible brand and why it matters

We'll tie it all together by designing an authentic brand, a portfolio that represents your style and attracts luxury dream clients, and an irresistible client experience which keeps them coming back again and again.

Clients for Life

module four
Get our tried and tested templates including:

  • Fill in the blank Client Email Templates

  • Pre-Session Questionnaire and Phone Consult Script to help you prep your clients for their session with ease and confidence 

Easy to Use Templates!

Let's do this

Design an irresistible luxury experience for your clients to keep them coming back year after year and referring you to their friends


Curate a high end branded portfolio that represents your personal photographic style and attracts your ideal clients


Find the best locations and light to create a unique style that draws in your ideal clients


Create natural connection in your images with easy posing prompts and games


Shoot family sessions with confidence using a proven tried-and-true flow posing system


results you can expect

when you join
Watch me shoot over my shoulder at real family sessions

The Confident Family Photographer is not just another online course. This is a program from a coach has been where you are and knows how to get results... so you can finally master your family sessions, build your business, make more money, and create loyal clients who come back again and again.

What Sets The Confident Family
Photographer Apart From the Rest?

Phone scripts, email templates, client questionnaire, wardrobe guidance, pocket light guide, prompts and games guide

Templates & Tools

Follow a proven roadmap for successful family sessions

Lifetime access to
12 self-paced video lessons for step by step instruction


Behind the scenes video of real family sessions and location scouting

BTS Video

Self-Paced Learning



One Payment

Join The Confident Family Photographer

Enroll today!

Ready to get started?

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Your success is my success! I want you to succeed and I have poured my heart and soul into creating this program to help you grow. I know how it feels to be stuck in your business. To want more, but not know the steps to get there. I have spent the last 18 years growing a profitable multi six-figure family photography studio. I understand the highs and lows and what it takes to make it. With the right photographic skills, marketing, organization, business & sales systems, and the desire to stick with it and do the work -  you can do this too!

Get support from an experienced coach
who has been there

How long do i have access to the lessons?


You have life-time access to all of the lessons, templates and resources inside the program. 

how much time do i need to commit?

Plan to invest at least 1-2 hours a week watching the lessons and practicing what you have learned. My goal is for the skills you learn to become a regular part of your workflow and I encourage lots of practice!

What templates do I get inside the course?

You get all of the exact templates I use in my studio, including my email templates, client questionnaire, wardrobe guidance, and phone scripts, pocket light guide, and the posing prompts and games I use at all of my sessions.

Does the program include BTS session videos?

Yes! The behind-the-scenes videos inside the program use the tools and techniques I teach in the course including how I scout locations, light, pose, and interact with my clients. And we will be continually updating with more BTS sessions as they become available.

You are ready to take the next step and add printed artwork to your offering

you want to have more life long dream clients

you dream of creating an incredible client experience that keeps your clients coming back

it's time to upgrade your portfolio to attract high end luxury clients

You crave more natural connection in your images

YOu are ready to level-up your brand and attract more high end clients

This is Perfect For You If...

By the end of this program you will...

still on the fence?

Go to every family session with confidence!

Have a simple system for flow posing your clients

A portfolio of images to attract high end clients

Business systems in place to create an incredible client experience

Know how to capture real moments and connection with prompts and games

A clear vision for your style and brand

Let's do this!

The Confident Family Photographer
has everything you need to improve your family photography skills, attract high end clients, and scale your business to the luxury market.

So what are you waiting for?

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