For photographers who are ready to take their photography to the next level. This course teaches how I shoot outdoors in natural light. You will learn how to shoot confidently in all types of lighting situations (full sun, backlight, overcast, and shade) how to find perfect locations, communicate with your clients, how to pose and work with families and children, create client connection, and design a luxury client experience to build a rock-solid clientele who come back to you year after year. 

You will finish with a clear understanding and confidence shooting family photography, a portfolio of family images and an executable plan to create a service oriented luxury brand.

Improve your shooting, editing or business skills one-on-one with me. Come to my studio in California and work on studio lighting, shooting outdoor sessions, posing families or newborns, editing images, or via zoom for business and marketing. Each mentoring session is tailored to your specific needs and goals.

2 hour zoom $400
1 day in person $1500
2 day in person $2200



The Confident Family
Photographer Course


through simplicity comes great beauty.