Once in a while in life you come across someone or a family that really makes a lasting impression. Their kindness, generosity, and genuine caring for others makes them stick out from all the rest and you are drawn to them. You may recognize the image below as one of my trademark images. It was taken just after I met a wonderful young mom who had come to me for maternity and newborn portraits of her second child. This young family is one of those that has left an indelible impression on my heart.

I have since then photographed her family and children several times documenting the loving, sweet family that they are. They have been some of my favorite clients from the first time we met. Last October, Amanda was diagnosed with a very agressive form of breast cancer at the young age of 29. Her courage and determination and positive attitude over the last few months are awe inspiring.

Next Saturday, March 7th all of her dedicated friends and family have planned a fundraising event for her which will provide direct help to her family in this time of great need as well as celebrate her fighting spirit and dedication to fighting this awful disease. Please consider coming to the event or making a donation in her honor.