We are known for our newborn portraiture, but we also love to create amazing images of pregnant women. This is such a fleeting, special, beautiful time of life. We absolutely love to make pregnant women feel as gorgeous and stunning as they truly are. We love it when a mom-to-be comes to us for maternity photography. And what’s so special is that they typically have us do their newborn photography as well which means we get to capture this growth and evolution as it happens. Such a special thing! This beautiful mother-to-be and her sweet family are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their new addition. We couldn’t be happier for them and just love being able to be a part of this special time in their life. Amaral-040214-177Amaral-040214-202Amaral-040214-090Amaral-040214-250Amaral-040214-022Amaral-040214-057Amaral-040214-049Amaral-040214-206