This week, there is one thing that is making me very happy!
1. Vacation.
2. Vacation!
3. and VACATION!!!!!

I’m almost ready to go. Just filling some last minute orders and getting the last few sessions proofed. I’m headed to the Oregon Coast for two weeks to visit my sister and relax. I’ll be out of the studio from Wednesday, July 30th through Wednesday, August 13th. Don’t worry, Kimberly will be here on Tuesdays and Thursdays to answer phone calls and emails. She’ll also be packaging and delivering any outstanding orders. She’ll call you when they are ready for pickup. By the way, if you are thinking about a fall session, NOW is the time to book. We are filling up fast! There are only a few spots left in September and October, and these will fill up before you know it. Don’t wait to the last minute and be disappointed for your holiday pictures.

I’m off to a couple of weeks of pure relaxation with my family. I’ll be back rejuvenated and ready for the busy season.

Til next time – Jen