30 days of posting! Whew! That was crazy. I missed two days, but if you ask me I am pretty happy that I could do that much. I actually really love blogging now. Anyone who has a hard time keeping up with your blog…make yourself a challenge to post daily and you’ll be surprised at how easy and fun it is to post new stuff. I will definitley keep it up, but I’m not going to be doing anymore late night trying to squeeze it in. A couple of times I was actually in bed with the lights out and realized I forgot to blog, so I climbed out of bed, turned on my computer and made a post! I won’t be doing that anymore, but I definitely plan to stay on top of it.

Session Availablity Update – I will be taking a few weeks off this summer and will not be available. My assistant Kimberly will be in the studio to answer phone calls, and take/deliver orders, but I will not be around.

I will be gone for the following dates:
June 23-27th
July 30-Aug 13th

Fall Sessions –
We are currently booked until the end of August and many of our fall family spots are already taken! So if you have plans for family portraits in time for the holidays, please call as soon as you can to book your session. It gets pretty crazy around here in the fall. If you have a newborn, please call us, we do save a few special spots just for you. Please, please, please call ahead!!!!