Every year at this time, my kids also have to suffer through the Christmas card photoshoot. Believe me, I KNOW how hard it is. Planning the outfits, shopping for the outfits, finding the location, doing the hair and the makeup, getting everyone ready, keeping everyone happy, and getting the shot. It keeps me grounded and reminds me how much work my clients go through before they even get to the photoshoot!

I’ve had plans for this shoot for a while now and wanted to a sort of “urban” feel to our photos this year. I had the idea in my head and found the perfect spot in Laguna Beach this weekend. I was so excited that I found the perfect spot that I ran out today and bought outfits and did an impromtu shoot. And guess what…it worked! I just love these images of my kids. They make me so happy! My kids were so sweet and good and followed directions and oh I just LOVE them so much.

Til next time – jen