I was so lucky last month to go to Oregon to visit my sister who just had her first baby! It was so much fun to meet him and to be an auntie again. I got to spend 7 glorious days hanging out with him and his mommy and daddy, snuggling, burping, swaddling and soaking in the smell of a sweet newborn babe! How quickly they grow and you forget just how precious those first days at home are. My favorite part though was photographing him. My sister Julia is a photographer too, so we got to photographer him together. I think it was the longest newborn session in history. Over 3 days¬† we spent at least 10 hours photographing that little guy. Wow it was so fun working as a team and having a helper for those hard to get poses. I loved it and I miss them so much it hurts! Anyway, here’s just a sampling of the images we captured of sweet baby Dean Michael Kelleher.