Hey there! I’m back! I I’ve been so busy working on tons of new and exciting things for the new year. We have so many fun things planned for you..

Studio Open House
Mini Sessions – Birthdays Rock!, Mommy & Me, Teddy’s and Tutus, and many more…
Loads of new amazing products (which I’ll be showcasing here – so stay tuned)
New website
and lots more!

The studio is back up in full swing and we are busy, busy with lots of maternity and newborn sessions. I don’t know what it is about this time of year, but it always seems to be the busiest time for newborn sessions. On that note…

NOTE TO ALL NEW MOMS – Call early to book your session!!!!!! We want to photograph your newborn when he/she is between 6-10 days old and in order to do that we need you to call to book BEFORE you have your baby! We’ll do our best to get you in whenever you call, but it is always better to get you scheduled as soon as possible.

Before I go, I have been working on this slideshow for some marketing projects I’ve been trying to get done.

Check it out!

Til next time,